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Crash Course Divorce
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Crash Course Divorce also can be scheduled as a private consultation. Call One Mediation to schedule an appointment.

Strategic Preparation for Your Divorce Mediation (Booklet)

This 16-page booklet helps individuals facing divorce prepare for their divorce mediation session. A great tool for attorneys to give to their clients as
reinforcement of their advice. This guide is authored by mediation professionals who "put it in plain English" and in a format that is user-friendly. Want
to make the most of your divorce mediation session, then be prepared strategically. Our booklet can help.
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Crash Course Divorce!

Previously featured in the AJC, this 1.5 hour course ($35) is offered
monthly or scheduled for individual sessions for a slightly higher fee,
but is limited to 8 attendees. Registrants can add the half-hour
extension segment on children's issues ($10). The next public sessions
are listed below. The half-hour extension covers children's issues,
including custody, parenting-time (visitation), child support, and more.

For individuals contemplating or facing separation or divorce, this
course provides solid information about the legal processes surrounding
divorce, separation and divorce options, resources, and planning
strategies. If you just want "someone to put it in plain language," this is
the seminar for you about the legal divorce process, along with the
practical issues that typically arise and tips to manage legal fees.

Learn about the divorce process and options as it relates to equitable
division of marital assets and divorce, as well as spousal support issues,
with a deep dive into the "DRFA." Get tips on how best to use legal
counsel and divorce attorneys, what divorce mediation is (and how
courts use it), and other divorce resources.

Dates and times are in the drop-down below. Register online below, or
call our office.
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"Offer this course more often! I would have made
a million mistakes without it." - P.F.

"I felt my shoulders relax during the class.
Thank you!" - J.R.