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Workplace Investigations
Human Resources Matters!
One Mediation has a panel of Human Resources experts who provide neutral services
for workplace matters.

Workplace Investigation Training

One Mediation also provides training through a partnership with Workplace
Investigations Group on how to conduct proper Workplace Investigations into
bullying, harassment, discrimination, retaliation and related misconduct several times
each year. This training is intended to enhance the skills of in-house counsel, Human
Resources professionals and Risk Managers. Courses of one, two and three-days that
are held in Atlanta and can be scheduled on-site are found here.

Workplace Investigations

In the workplace, individuals frequently interact on professional and personal levels.
When interactions involve allegations of misconduct that may violate workplace rules -
such as harassment - employers often will review the claim. Some employers will enlist
the assistance of a third-party to investigate a workplace complaint. More information
can be found at
70 Lenox Pointe, NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324 - Phone 404-720-0599 - Fax 404-920-0401 -
For investigators and rates, please contact One
Mediation directly.
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Investigators will review the allegations and make an assessment as to what kinds of information will be needed. This may involve a list of documents that are
needed and/or a list of employees that the investigator with whom the investigator would like to speak. Based upon the information obtained during the
investigation, the investigator will generate a report and submit it to the appropriate agent of the employer. The report contains an outline of the allegations,
findings of facts, conclusions with respect to what workplace rules were implicated, and any recommendations related to the investigation or its findings.

Investigators are paid by the hour, up to a maximum daily amount, that excludes travel expenses and corresponds to their experience. This fee arrangement
encourages employers to cooperate with the investigator in an expeditious manner. The speed with which a workplace dispute can be resolved is important
to morale, avoidance of escalation of a problem that may be based on a misunderstanding or misinformation, among other intangible aspects of a "corporate

ADA Accommodation Arbitration

The ADA requires that employers and disabled employees who seek accommodations in their workplaces to engage in meaningful discussions - an
"interactive process" - regarding these needs and to make necessary accommodations. In some cases, the interaction may be difficult or strained, whereby
the matter could be sent to an arbitrator who can "make the call." Our arbitrators can arbitrate these matters quickly, cheaply, and often over the phone.