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Mediation Services - Fees and Policies
One Mediation provides impartial and qualified neutrals for a variety of services. For
mediations, parties may hold the sessions at the One Mediation office or at other
locations, as needed. Of note, One Mediation provides weekend mediations for
certain cases. Please contact One Mediation to learn more.

One Mediation also provides neutrals for non-surveilance related investigations,
such as investigations into sexual harassment complaints. Sometimes it is necessary
or ideal to bring in an external party to review documents and to interview witnesses
to make determinations regarding allegations or other complaints.

One Mediation neutrals also serve as hearing officers in grievance and related appeals
in the workplace and elsewhere. Similarly, in workplaces where reasonable
accommodations under the ADA are required, One Mediation neutrals may assist
employers and employees in the interactive process as an impartial mediator or
arbiter of the issues.

Contact One Mediation for more information or other needs you may have that
require neutral services.
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