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Scheduling Hearing Officers
Hearing Officers
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An impartial hearing officer is imperative to the legitimacy of a grievance
hearing or related appeals process. In many workplaces, schools, and
other venues, a grievance or an appeals process is used to resolve certain
issues that may involve a hearing officer making evidentiary decisions
through to final decisions on employment, zoning, licensing, disciplinary,
and services matters.

One Mediation has neutrals on its panel who routinely serve as
independent, hearing officers in matters involving School Districts,
Municipalities, Counties, State Agencies, Special Masters, and more. Our
hearing officers have expertise in a variety of subject matters such as
employment, zoning, licensing, e-discovery, Special Education, and
student discipline.

Our Hearing Officers are experienced attorneys who not only understand
the law, but also how to run a hearing efficiently and render informed
decisions that are supported by the evidence presented and surrounding
laws. Meet our Hearing Officers:

Christopher Balch*
Gene Chapman*
Suzanne Deddish Taylor
Teri Fields*
Jennifer Keaton*
Lorene Schaefer*
Janice Wallace*

* Hearing Officer offers a flat-rate for certain School Law hearings.
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