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The Elder Care Decision Program
Schedule your appointment in the Elder Care Decision Program today to hold your "family meeting" with an
expert facilitator!

The Elder Care Decision Program provides families a scheduled time to discuss hard topics relating to
caregiving and end-of-life issues. Through this Program, family members and caregivers schedule an
appointment with a mediator who has knowledge of elder care issues and resources with the goal of a written
plan of action. This Program is particularly helpful in situations where:

- It is difficult to discuss end-of-life issues within your family
- One family member (or more) is reluctant to face the need for discussion
- A caregiver, often a spouse or an adult child, needs greater support and input into care needs and decisions
- These discussions sometimes lead to arguments and disagreements
- Emotions and old "sibling rivalries" get in the way of resolving these issues and may have resulted in

If you are struggling with these normal barriers to productive conversations, then consider enrolling in One
Mediation's "Elder Care Decision Program." Click here for more information on this wonderful program.

Many people question whether Elder Mediation is for them. Indeed, "Why Go To Elder Mediation?" The statistics
and benefits are numerous. Typically, the Program helps families discuss a variety of issues and how they
collectively would like to handle them. Some issues are legal, others are medical, financial, and emotional. But,
all are important and intertwined. Most appointments involve discussions on:

- health and medical care
- financial arrangements and household management
- care-giving schedules and expenses
- living arrangements
- property maintenance
- family members' roles in decision-making
- guardianship and power of attorney decisions
- end-of-life and long-term care decisions (in-home care, assisted living, and nursing homes, for
- probate matters such as wills, estates and trusts

For many families, discussing these topics is difficult due to emotions, disagreements about them, and other
reasons. However, families and loved ones can set an appointment with One Mediation to address these sorts of
issues and concerns with a mediator who regularly helps families reach consensus on a course of action that is
written and clear.
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